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These USB Charging Port and Voltmeter combos are a great two for one solution for measuring voltage in your 12V electric circuit. Comes complete with a heavy duty ABS plastic housing and waterproof shield.

Just want two USB ports for quick charging with a 4.2A capacity? This useful USB charger port features LED illumination and is the same size as our digital meters.

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  • RED 12VDC Round Voltmeter

  • PURPLE illuminated latching switch with power symbol

  • WHITE illuminated latching switch with power symbol

  • Red illuminated latching switch with power symbol



  • Clear 1/0 AWG Gauge XS Flex Power and Ground Cable 50ft spool

    $344.99 $299.99
  • SB1500-75 XS Power 1500F SuperBank 12V Ultracapacitors Group GC12

    $1,460.99 $1,269.99
  • SB500-27 XS Power 500F SuperBank 12V Ultracapacitors Group 27

    $517.99 $449.99
  • XP3000 XS Power 12VDC AGM Car Audio Battery 3000A 120Ah Group 30H

    $367.99 $335.99


  • 18ft Easy Connect Harness Extension for Relay Box Switches

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